Harmonious Trans-Tasman Choirs to Perform Together

Saturday 28th September 2013  7.30 – 10.00pm

Salvation Army Community Centre, Corner of Colombo and Southampton Streets

The Women in Harmony choir from Toowoomba, Australia is visiting their sister choir Women in Harmony Christchurch in late September for a reciprocal visit.

Both choirs will be singing from a wealth of cultures including Maori, Aboriginal, Samoan, African, Gospel, Georgian,  Torres Strait, Phillipines, Chinese, Scottish, Kashmiri, Italian, Korean, American First Nation as well as several combined numbers and songs by New Zealand songwriters.

Of course, such wonderful song and joie de vivre is best shared, so do come and join us!

For further information email: women.in.harmony.nz@gmail.com

The two choirs first connected in 2010 after floods swept through Toowoomba and earthquakes shook Christchurch. Christchurch Women in Harmony visited Toowoomba in 2011 and the choirs performed together at a variety of concerts, including the Multicultural and Language Festival, opening of the Sister City Conference and a combined public performance.

Both choirs are looking forward, once again, to sharing the spirit and joy of song with their sister choir. The visitors are also looking forward to experiencing our wonderful city and local culture which will include a visit to a marae which will be a new experience for all 23 visitors.

Choir leader, Elaine Coates says Toowoomba’s Women in Harmony choir started in January 2005 to build community harmony after racism reared its ugly head in the city. It is a multicultural choir, promoting peace and cultural harmony between members and in the broader community. The choir’s aim is to promote understanding, acceptance and friendship through singing, to unify and showcase the diversity of women living in the Toowoomba area.

“It is a place where new arrivals, who may be traumatised and have little English, can make friends and share the songs of their culture,” says Elaine.

The Toowoomba choir shares their joy of singing together with others in the community whether they think they can sing well or not. Through music, the participants and audiences share their cultures by performing music from the cultures of the choir members. The choir has proved to be a strong symbol that all members of the community can work together in a harmonious fashion and can share cultures. The choir members are drawn from the whole of the community, including Sudanese, migrant, Asian and Anglo Celtic women.

“Different qualities in the voices of the choir members increase the texture of the combined sound”. Now an established part of Toowoomba’s cultural scene, Women in Harmony performs at functions throughout the region”, says Elaine.

In 2012, Elaine Coates received the Toowoomba Regional Council Cultural Award for the huge impact she has made as musical director of the multicultural choir, and her commendable work to bring a diverse group of women together into a cohesive singing group.

The Toowoomba choir will be joining Women in Harmony Christchurch, a fun, dynamic choir that sings music from all over the world. With fantastic choir director Jane Hobson, the atmosphere is relaxed, and they share their love of music and individual talents through singing.

The Trans Taman Concert is a public concert to celebrate world music and everyone is welcome to join them at their upcoming event.

Women in Harmony Toowoomba

Women in Harmony Christchurch

Tasman Harmony Concert poster - Copy

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